Our aim is to provide advanced-technological solutions for civil works.
We specialize in the development of:

Basic engineering:
  • Architecture Drawings
  • Basic Engineering Drawings
  • Structural calculation
Steel Detailing:
  • 3D Detailing
  • Workshop drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Lists of materials
  • Lists of Bolts
  • Lists of Pieces
  • CNC Files
Applicable to Steel and Concrete structures for:
  • Industrial buildings
  • Refrigerator chambers
  • Stores
  • Distribution centers
  • Supermarkets, Shopping malls
  • Port works
  • Silos
  • Electrical System Towers
  • Public Buildings - Schools, Hospitals, Prisons
  • Offices, Houses
The work includes the generation of:

Structural calculation reports.

  Report of calculation of connections.
  Basic Engineering Drawings.
  Steel Detailing drawings include:
  • Part drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Erection drawings
  Reports of:
  • List of materials
  • List of assemblies
  • List of Parts
  • List of Bolts
  • List of Drawings
  • Lists made to Client specifications
Electronic support:
Electronic support of drawings in DWG or DXF formats, and electronic support of reports in TXT format.
Support in DSTV format for processing of each piece of the project in a CNC Machine, including nesting (best use of stock material).
Exporting of 3D models of metallic structure to different formats, such us:
  • Web Format visualizable with Ms. Internet Explorer
  • DXF Format
  • DGN Format
Software and Technologies
Our workstations count on the most modern 3D software for the accomplishment of engineering of concrete and steel structures.

3D Modeling for basic and Steel Detailingof metallic and concrete structures with the most advanced software.

      Edition capacity of the most popular standard of drawings in CAD format (DWG and DGN formats)
All  workstations have the most advanced technology on hardware, connected in network to multi-user software. We also possess color printers, plotter and scanners. We count on high-speed broadband Internet and FTP connection for interchange of archives between us and our costumers.


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